Best Fibre Cement Cladding Boards in UK

Fibre cement siding has long had many fans, both among construction companies and among people who want to equip a cozy house. The reasons are simple. Fiber cement siding panels cost is not high, they have excellent stability characteristics, ease of installation, and most importantly – modern design. The material looks attractive, like a natural wood. At the same time, it is absolutely environmentally friendly and safe for human health. It is easy to install and operate, as well as requires almost no service.

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    We can paint fibre cement siding in any color! If you want to see coloring examples, please go to the gallery or download the catalog by filling out the form above.

    Fiber Cement Siding Advantages

    The material has a texture of natural wood, but the it is much stronger and easier to install. In turn, fiber cement stone-like panel adds some monumentality to the walls, in some cases industrialism and brutality. Modern production technology helps to develop different textures – from a smooth surface to the natural roughness of the wood. 

    Over the years, this texture will not crack and will not fade, because fiber cement siding panel is resistant to sunlight, rain, wind, heat and frost. Be careful – this material requires a special installation technology! It’s good that the manufacturer we cooperate with provides all the necessary documentation for free, so you can install such facade as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

    Texture options

    Текстура фиброцементной панели
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 20
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 19
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 18
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 17
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 16
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 15
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 14
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 13
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 12
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 11
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 10
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 9
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 8
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 7
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 6
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 5
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 4
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 3
    Текстура фиброцементной панели 2
    The full range of fiber cement boards can be found in the price list Download price and catalog

    Fiber Cement Siding Production

    Its production is not much different from the production of similar products, such as boards or sandwich panels. Perhaps, our supplier has only a couple of significant differences. First, it’s narrow sheets of material for lap siding. Second, the its main amount is a wood textures imitation.

    Panels are made of finely ground sand, cement, water, cellulose fibers, and synthetic additives. The quantitative ratios vary depending on the board purposes – exterior and interior, roof or walls. General composition:

    • Portland cement — 65-70%
    • Wood fibers — 30-35%
    • Mineral supplements <1%

    Transportation, storage and installation of fiber cement siding board panels must be carried out in accordance with international standards in order for the material to be well preserved and serve as long as possible. We can give advice and provide all the necessary assistance so that you feel all the benefits of using this material in the modern house construction.

    Fibre cement advantages

    Quality certificates
    ISO 9001: 2008 ISO 14000
    Environmental resistance
    Fiber cement is resistant to fungus, chemical attack, flooding, weathering, UV
    Fire resistance
    Non-combustible - A1 (EN 13501-1)
    Wide scope
    Fiber cement panels for roofs with pre-insulated insulation - an ideal solution for cottages, garages, warehouses, offices, attics, gazebos, verandas, the last floor of a multi-storey building
    10 year manufacturer's warranty
    Due to its lightness, the fiber cement panel does not put pressure on the foundation and is easy to transport and install - the weight of an 8 mm thick panel is only 11.2 kg/m².
    Resistant to heat, frost, humid climate
    Ease of installation
    You no longer need to plaster and putty the walls, which allows you to save a lot. Sandwich panels are completely ready for installation on the facade of a high-rise building or for the construction of a modular house - no need to purchase additional materials
    Wide range of products
    Coziness and comfort for life
    All this thanks to sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture insulation

    Why Should You Buy Our Fiber Cement Siding?

    For those who want to buy such panels in Great Britain, we have several options. It should be noted that our fiber cement siding board prices are absolutely transparent and depend on the quantity and characteristics of the material ordered. Perhaps you want to order fiber cement siding board in advance, with a completely unique design? We are ready to help you! Book an individual consultation, or visit our store to see everything that will decorate your house for many years!

    When you first search for a fiber cement siding price in Great Britain, it is easy to notice that many dealers show wholesale prices in order to attract more customers. After ordering, it may turn out that you have to wait for it about a month, or even more. This is not our case! Our contract with the manufacturer allows us to transport the material quickly and conveniently for you! And our fiber cement siding board cost will be fair, without any hidden markups.

    Flammability and moisture resistance tests

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