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    Our fibre cement cladding can be painted in any color you'd like

    Fibre Cement Claddings – Quality Standard in the World of Cladding Materials

    The production of fibre cement items by Hekim YAPI A.Ş. (Turkey) was launched in 2001 under the HekimBoard brand. Fibre cement cladding boards are produced exclusively from natural raw materials: cellulose fiber, cement and mainly micronized ground quartz.

    These fibre cement wall and timber claddings are a priority in the world of modern architecture due to their excellent features and unlimited use in the construction.

    In the 1990s, the European Union decided to forswear asbestos on a massive scale, as studies confirmed that its usage contributes to cancer cells development in the human body. In search of a safe asbestos substitute, scientists developed cellulose fibrous reinforced concrete, which is still used today. Cellulose is the wood and cotton basis, its fibers make up the plants’ cell membrane. Accordingly, it is absolutely safe to use it. It is interesting to note that in combination with fine ground cement and autoclaving, such kind of panels become a low-cost, high-quality, and aesthetic alternative to other finishing materials.

    Fibre Cement Facade Cladding Simplicity and Flexibility

    For more than 100 years, this material has been successfully used in everyday life, art, design and architecture. Architects, designers and builders prefer it for its strength, fire resistance, durability and flexibility.

    Did you know how the Austrian inventor Ludwig Hatschek originally named such panels? In the production license, the material brand name was Eternit, which is derived from the Latin aeternitas, which means eternal.

    Texture options of fiber cement panels

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    Fibre cement advantages

    Environmental friendliness
    Contains cement and natural mineral fillers
    Environmental resistance
    It is resistant to fungus, chemical attack, flooding, atmospheric phenomenon, UV
    Long service life
    Service life of fiber panels from 50 years
    Huge choice of visual design
    You can choose the texture and color of your fiber cement panels yourself
    Excellent ventilation
    The design provides ventilation channels so that each panel could "breathes"
    Low installation cost
    Fiber cement boards can be mounted on an unprepared surface in all weather conditions
    Excellent thermal insulation properties
    The structure of the fiber panels allows you to perfectly retain heat indoors
    Affordable price
    Prices for fiber cement panels start from 30 Pounds/sq.m.
    Fiber cement panels are self-cleaning
    Dust and dirt on fiber cement materials are perfectly cleaned by rain or snow

    Our fiber cement panels products

    Fibre cement cladding texture and style is of wide variety. At the same time, panels are durable, frost-, fire- and water-resistant, resistant to UV, chemicals, atmospheric phenomena. Our cost of fibre cement cladding is lower than that offered by others. Moreover, you can buy panels of various characteristics:

    • Smooth panels
    • Textured panels
    • Sandwich panels

    The fiber cement panel from our manufacturer has various types of purpose – for floors, ceilings, walls, for exterior and interior decoration and of course roofs. At the same time, you can choose absolutely any finish:

    Фиброцементная панель Fiber cement panels with wooden texture
    Фиброцементная панель Fiber cement panels with stone texture
    Фиброцементная панель Fiber cement panels with brick texture
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    Flammability and moisture resistance tests
    Quality Certificates


    ISO 9001: 2008
    ISO 14000
    EN 12467
    Fire-resistance class: EN13501-1 (А1)
    Development and usage in accordance with the REACH regulation

    But, does this technology meet the construction standards approved in United Kingdom? Can we use such panels in construction?

    After studying the above information, as well as after a personal acquaintance with the production process, there was no doubt left – we take it! This is how we became a wholesale and retail fibre cement cladding supplier.

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